enrich (verb) –  to improve the quality of something by adding something else 

At Rustenburg we believe that our enrichment programme should be for everyone, not just for a select group of individuals. Enrichment lessons enable our girls to learn and develop skills that are not found in the curriculum but that offer them the opportunity to explore activities outside of the academic programme.

Grade 3 to 6 learners enjoy an enrichment programme that runs over the first three terms of the year. Classes rotate termly enabling the girls to explore something different with every rotation. Girls are taught a variety of cookery skills; from making pancakes to spicy winter salad using seasonal fruit. The girls are delighted to leave the kitchen every week with a new recipe and a delicious treat that they had made themselves.

When not cooking, the girls are taught a variety of life skills from simple weaving, to African fabric design, beading and science experiments to name but a few. With a full academic programme keeping our girls busy all day, some ‘down time’ during enrichment lessons creates the balance that is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The enrichment facilitators derive just as much pleasure from the programme as the girls do as it enables them to get to know each child better in an informal, relaxed environment.

COVID-19 and the necessary adjustments made to the daily timetable, as well as safety restrictions placed on food preparation in schools have meant that our enrichment programme has been placed on hold, temporarily. We can’t wait to get our enrichment programme up and running again.