Many of our pupils helped us collect stationery at the end of the last term. The stationery has been now been delivered (special thanks to Mr Perkins for this) and we have received a letter of thanks.

The ex-RGJS teacher who assists with the project has written to thank the school. She writes: “…The generosity of the girls towards others far less fortunate is much appreciated by our Recycling Team and we thank you all on behalf of the impoverished children that will benefit from this donation.”

The community collects recyclable items from their neighbourhood and brings them to a collection point, where they receive tickets in return, depending on the volume collected.

The tickets are then exchanged for items of stationery or clothing. “The smiles on the children’s faces when they take delivery of their new possessions are so rewarding to witness.

The concept is working well, because no money exchanges hands! Many thanks again to all of you who have contributed towards making a difference in hundreds of underprivileged youngsters’ lives.”