Music enriches the daily life of Rustenburg, through the curriculum, the extramural programme, the overall enrichment provided in the school and through entertainment. The Music Department promotes the aesthetic sensitivity of all girls, regardless of their levels of musical talent, and provides opportunities to explore music, acquire theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills on instruments. An appreciation for the music of all cultures and periods is taught through class music lessons.

The aims of the Music Department are

  • To ensure that all students who enter the school learn to play at least one instrument.
  • To encourage students to experience the joy of making music.
  • To promote the development of musical interest and talent through individual tuition, ensemble and choral work.
  • To build a sense of self-worth through mastering the disciplines encouraged by music.

Individual or group tuition is offered in the following:

Piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, guitar (group or individual), voice, recorder (group or individual), and Marimbas (group).

A basic musical knowledge is acquired through class recorder lessons in Grades 2 and 3. Theory classes at various levels are offered to those studying instruments at school in preparation for music as a subject at high school.

Application is made in the 4th term for the following year, and auditions are held to assess whether the instrument chosen is likely to suit the girl. Where particular instruments are over-subscribed, alternative instruments might be suggested or unsuccessful candidates are placed on a waiting list.

Music Application Form – click here to open

Girls can join a wide variety of extra mural activities offered by the Music Department:

  • Orchestra
  • Recorder Ensemble
  • Percussion Band
  • Orff Ensemble
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Marimba Band (a privately paid-for extramural)
  • Junior & Senior Choir
  • Cello Ensemble

All our ensembles, orchestra and choirs continue to build on the solid reputation developed over the years and the department gets outside recognition as medal winners at Eisteddfods, at regional and national level.