Learning Support

‘Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.’ Rita Pierson – teacher.

The learning support department partners with parents, teachers and therapists to ensure that our girls are given the support that they need; enabling them to be happy, contributing members of our school community.

The Foundation Phase remedial teacher, Mrs Philippa Brinkmann, offers small group lessons to girls identified by their class teachers as needing extra support in developing language skills. Phonics, reading and writing skills that are taught in the classroom are consolidated during remedial lessons in a fun and interactive manner. She also spends time in the classrooms assisting teachers and pupils whilst teaching is taking place. Girls are encouraged to be brave, take chances and explore how language works. Mrs Brinkmann also works alongside the Grade R teachers; strengthening learners visual and auditory perceptual skills as they prepare for Grade 1.

Mrs Gill Glidenhuys works with small groups and individual learners from Grade 4 – 7. She facilitates comprehension groups where girls are taught reading-related skills like inferring, comparing and evaluating that enable them to grasp the important information in texts. She helps the Grade 4 and 5 classes prepare for exams by introducing them to basic study skills. Organisational and planning skills are also developed and practiced with girls in the Intermediate phase. Mrs Gildenhuys spends time in the classrooms team teaching with teachers across the Intermediate and Senior phase and providing in-class support whilst girls are getting to grips with new mathematical concepts.

The learning support department welcomed Mrs Penny Biccard, a clinical social worker, to the team at the beginning of 2016. She takes care of the emotional needs of our girls, their parents and teachers. Her gentle, kind nature and dedicated spirit ensure that girls have a safe place to discuss their thoughts and any issues that they may be struggling with. Apart from seeing girls on an individual basis, she helps the new group of Grade R’s settle at the beginning of the year and runs workshops with the Grade 7’s as they experience their final year at junior school before starting a new chapter of their schooling career.

All of these services are provided at no additional cost for our parents.

Rustenburg is fortunate to have Occupational Therapists, Tess Hawke and Debbie Emery as well as Speech and Language Therapist, Inge Schulenburg situated on the school premises. They work in a private capacity but offer the convenience of providing treatment during school hours. They have well-established relationships with the teachers and share their vast knowledge with all relevant stakeholders to ensure our girls are supported in their classrooms.